Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton

Organic Cotton Project


 The organic cotton Project is a cooperation with more than 90 Peruvian farmers who engage to non conventional cotton farming in order to grow their cotton on certified land in the Chincha and Lambayeque valleys of Northern Peru, producing Tanguis and Pima cotton. Organic cotton has the advantage of being produced in a land free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and defoliants; being different from conventional cotton. The organic standards do not allow the use of GMOS. Peru has a ban for GMO seeds, which reduces the risk of contamination that exists in other cotton producing countries. Furthermore, the fact that our cotton is handpicked is a benefit, as it reduces the environmental impact and improves the quality of the product.  

INTIFIL is offering the following yarns:

  • Organic Tanguis from Ne 8/1-Ne 40/1 ecru, dyed and heathers
  • Organic Peruvian Pima from 20/1-Ne 60/1 ecru, dyed and heathers
  • Organic Color Grown from Ne 20/1-Ne 40/1.

All yarns are offered as GOTS certified.


The GOTS Certification process includes all the stages that involve the transformation of raw materials starting from production, packaging, labeling, export, import and distribution. This standard is the most demanding and updated on the latest sustainable textile trends in environmental practices and fair trade, and controls the use of eco-friendly inputs that do not jeopardize the workers and final consumer.

It is the final consumer's responsibility to request this certificate and the producer´s duty to process this document with the certifier agency.