Corporate Social Responsibility

Our core business is in natural fibers, a gift of nature itself to mankind. Interestingly, the indigenous people of the Andes have the concept of Pachamama, Mother Earth. They believe that for the gifts from Pachamama, the personification of nature, we have to give something back. Corporate Social Responsibility, in our view, is also about giving back to nature and the community.


Through the Pacomarca project of alpaca breeding, we are contributing to improve the fineness of the alpaca fiber in Peru. The benefits are spread to the rural communities because the finer alpaca fiber will earn the Andean herdsmen a higher income from the fleece.

For another of our projects we donated alpaca yarn to the remote village of Llali, where we taught 117 mothers knitting techniques. Not only have 750 school children received a new warm sweater, but the mothers earned a salary and learned a trade that provides them with an additional source of income.