Chinese silk

Silk has been a luxury product ever since it has been discovered in China more than 5000 years ago, where the fiber originally had been reserved for the Emperor himself. Today, China is still taking the lead in silk production (sericulture) from cocoons made by the larvae of the Mulberry silkworm. Silk is an amazing fiber which from its humble origins as a cocoon undergoes a complete metamorphosis to become the most luxurious silk cloth. Silk has beautiful luster. Silk is elegant, fine, precious and smooth. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. And while silk is a rather delicate product in care, surprisingly, it is also the strongest natural fiber, comparable to a steel wire of equal diameter.







Silk production in China has a millennial culture. The Mulberry silkworm is bred in captivity, where it is fed massive quantities of Mulberry leaves during the 4 weeks of its life before it starts spinning the cocoon with a 3000m long silk thread. The cocoons are boiled off before the moth breaks out of the cocoon. During the reeling off different silk threads are combined to become raw silk. Not all of the cocoon can be used so in order to obtain 1kg of raw silk, up to 10kg of cocoons are needed, which corresponds to about 3000 silkworms, which have been fed during their lifecycle some 104 kg of Mulberry leaves from 8 Mulberry trees. 





 First class silk


Through our longstanding partnership with Chinese silk producers we can guarantee you silk of first-class quality. Our silk comes from a region with good air quality and clean water. Skilled workers carefully select the cocoons and meticulously wind and reel the silk for organzine and trame. For our silk slivers and spun silk yarn we only use clean, quality kibiso. For our standard qualities in pure silk we offer fast and dependable service from our European stock service in Italy.