South African Mohair



Mohair is the yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. Although Angora goats have been introduced into South Africa only in the mid-19th century, today, South Africa is the largest producer of fine mohair fiber. The professionalism and dedication of Mohair growers and brokers in South Africa have made of Cape Mohair a global brand. South African Mohair hair is characterized by its regularity of staple in fineness, length and durability. You’ll also love its luster and medullated hair free from kemps, all qualities which make it the most sought-after and treasured mohair in the world. Mohair has also excellent dye absorption, which results in yarns of brilliant, saturated colors. For our yarn collections we use:

  • Kid Mohair (24 – 30 microns)  
  • Young Goat (31 – 34 microns)  
  • Adult Mohair (35 – 38 microns)