Peruvian Pima Cotton

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Peruvian Pima cotton

Peruvian Pima cotton (gossypium barbadense) is considered to be one of the softest and finest cottons in the world. The fiber may reach 40 mm in length and has a fineness between 3,4 and 3.6 microns.

Peruvian Pima cotton is peculiar to a microclimate in northern Peru and reputed for its silky softness, strongness and durability.  This precious cotton is carefully handpicked without the use of defoliant agents.





 Peru's cotton heritage

Peru has a millennial tradition of growing and perfecting cotton. Cultivation of the indigenous cotton species was the backbone of the development of the pre-Columbian coastal cultures of the Norte Chico, Moche and others. The Incas also harvested cotton and used it both for practical reasons and artistic purposes. Their cotton weaving techniques and the quality of their textiles impressed even the Spanish Conquistadores.

Today, the white, fluffy cotton bolls still contrast against the background of the arid coast in the Piura and Chira valleys in northern Peru. The climate and soil conditions there are perfect, with ideal seasonal rainfall, long days of Peruvian sunshine and high temperatures. 





 Pima cotton yarns


Intifil Pima Cotton is genuine Peruvian Pima Cotton, grown and spun in Peru, certified with a label and an exclusively numbered and registered hologram for a clear identification of the product’s origin.

We offer Peruvian Pima cotton from Ne 6 to Ne 140, single or plied, classical or fancy, pure or blended with alpaca, silk, merino wool, bamboo or modal.

A comprehensive stock of Pima cotton in Hong Kong is available for quick delivery to Asia.